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Autotmation System

Automation is the use of control systems and information technology to reduce the need of people in the process of producing goods and services. Automation plays an increasingly important role in world economy and in daily work.

ANC offers solutions and equipment for automatic control of the maritime industry, petroleum, from the manufacturer: ABB, B&R Automation, Siemens, Mitsubishi, v.v...

Hydraulic and Compressed Air System

Currently, marine and oil industry, hydraulic and compressed air are widely used in many devices and systems, are indispensable parts of the automatic control system, power.

ANC for the motto of providing solutions to customers through its products and services of high quality. The ANC is providing the products from the company: SMC, Parker, Bosch Rexroth, Eaton, Swagelok, v.v...

Warning and Alarm System

With the increasing development of science - the imposition of technical safety in labor and production as absolute must. Especially in the oil industry - air and maritime safety objective is always the primary concern of investors and partners. ANC is no exception, we always put the safety of customers and top employees.

The products and services on full alert of the ANC and he always offers reliability and high stability, the products of famous manufacturers, such as: Riken Keiki, Autronica, Honeywell, v.v...

Communication System

Communication is regular activities and indispensable of any community or organization. With the development of technically outstanding today, the geographical distance has almost taken away by the help of the communication system advanced.

ANC has been found to provide solutions and communication equipment for marine, oil and gas industry, origin from the G7, EU countries, such as: RJC, Standard Horizon, Icom, Orbit, v.v...

Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Systems

Willis Carrier is considered the first to invent the modern air conditioning in 1902, and has created a revolution for the residential area in western South America. And today, technology upgrades and have been widely used in all areas of human activity, from food storage, cooling systems and equipment, air conditioning.

ANC is providing systems, equipment for air conditioning, cold food from the manufacturer: Carrier, Toshiba, Bitzer, Daikin, Danfoss, v.v...

Cutting - Welding

ANC offers a wide range of products for the maintenance, repair, manufacturing and the metal industry in particular, often work with mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

We provide spare parts and equipment for Mig, Tig, Plasma, MMA, surface treatment, and more.

ANC supply machines, equipment and spare parts of ESAB, Miller, Lincoln, Kobelco, v.v...

Alarm and Safety Equipment

ANC realize that every process of labor and production to achieve the most effective, they must ensure the safety, although it would take no small expense for the training, protective equipment and safety whole. We are offering to our customers with equipment protection safety best, most reliable, from the rows: MSA, Kings, Red Wings, 3M, Haws, etc. ..

ANC has provided equipment, protection and safety for many different customers. But we never forget our customer satisfaction and safety of their every day is the goal of our leading.

Engines and Generators

ANC has been providing spare parts, machinery, motors, generators, with species diversity, meet most customer needs in the maritime and oil and gas industries.

The machinery and spare parts we supply are manufactured in G7, EUR. With the brand names: MTU, Cummins, Mitsubishi, etc. ..

Mooring and Lifting

ANC offers specialized lifting devices, anchorages for the maritime, oil and gas and other industries

The equipment and machinery we can provide include: kenter shackles, anchor chains, wire ropes, winches, steel cable, shackle, dog legs, etc. ...

Hand Tools

Đit is important to select hand tools correctly and use them safely and effectively. Is to figure out how to extend the life of the drilling, grinding, ... familiar with the warning before use, measures to prevent accidents and learn many other useful words of advice.

contact the ANC, we will provide the information necessary and useful. We are currently providing hand tools are manufactured by: Stanley, Sata, Bosch, Kawasaki, Makita, Cobolt, v.v...