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If you are one of ANC's customer, you will get more benefit from our products and services, consisting of: selection advice appropriate to the needs and uses, even the less popular products in Vietnam, manuals and storage.

By integrating closely with the focal supplier, ANC is guaranteed to deliver to customers the products varied, rich, and reliable quality, competitive price.

Office Machines

ANC is a link in the chain of supply machines for office use, customers can buy directly from its own representative. Done, when customers contact the ANC, will receive better support policies, especially those local customers, such as product selection advice appropriate to the needs and purposes and guidance installation and use, provide alternative spiritual masterpiece accurate and fast.

ANC currently provides office machines from renowned manufacturers, such as: HP, Dell, Ricoh, Brother, Casio, 3M, v.v...

Computer and IT equipment

with the ongoing development of technology, customer contact and conditional knowledge of information technology more. This is the difficulty faced by manufacturers, and suppliers of information technology equipment faces, in order to meet the rapidly changing needs of customers in an area where time is all.

To keep up with customer demand, ANC has been staff to constantly improve the level and capacity, and now we are confident to provide customers with products and its services.

Spare parts

One of the basic principles in prolonging the life of the equipment, is to use parts and genuine accessories, or as proposed by the company. Although cost customers to spend more, but benefits are much greater than the use of spiritual masterpiece, from a 3rd party accessories.

ANC is committed to deliver 100%, derived by a clear and genuine production. The ANC is providing accessories and components of the firm: Dell, Asus, Sony, HP, Epson, Canon, Brother, Ricoh, Casio, Samsung, Panasonic, v.v...