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Mr McKenic Products

9-in-1 Technology Oil Contact Cleaner (Fast Dry)
9-in-1 Technology Oil

Product description: It is a product with a special formulation that can perform a wide range of technical functions: lubricating, corrosion inhibiting, penetrating and cleaning. Extremely versatile, it is a handy solution to numerous dead-locked situations, making it a ‘must-have’ in every toolbox.

Packing: 400ml/bottle, 5 ltrs/can.

Contact Cleaner

Product description: It is a cleaning solvent for removing dust, dirt, and deposits etc. from electrical and electronic contact points. With fast drying functions, it serves as a cleaning agent, without lubrication.

Packing: 400ml/bottle.

Air-conditioner Cleaner The Germ Killer
Air_Conditioner Cleaner

Product description: is a uniquely formulated and tested, it can remove dust and other harmful microorganisms in air-conditioner without washing with water after using the product.

Packing: 465ml/bottle.

Germ Killer

Product description: Mr McKenic® The Germ Killer is a non-toxic with strong odour control capabilities.

Packing: 300ml/bottle, 5 ltrs/can.

Floor Wonder
Floor Wonder

Product description: Your flooring is one of the elements that defines a beautiful home. Without proper maintenance, specialized floorings like marble and parquet often lose its shine. Mrs McKenic® Floor Wonder contains a unique polymer formulation that cleans, protects and leaves a long-lasting shine on both marble and parquet floorings so your home will always look beautiful.

Packing: 2 ltrs/can.