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Contact Cleaner

Contact Cleaner (Fast Dry)

Contac Cleaner (Fast Dry)

Contact Cleaner (Fast Dry), It is a cleaning solvent for removing dust, dirt, and deposits etc. from electrical and electronic contact points. With fast drying functions, it serves as a cleaning agent, without lubrication.

Product features:

  • Cleans precision electronic parts.
  • Degreases.
  • Removes dirt and flux.
  • Improves electrical conductivity.
  • CFC free(*).
  • Fast drying.

Packing: 400ml aerosol.


Chemical Identity CAS# EINECS# R Phrase S Phrase Weight
Naphtha (Petroleum) hydrodesulfurized light, dearomatized 92045-53-9 295-434-2 R11, R38, R50/53, R65, R67 S9, S16, S23, S24, S33, S43A, S57, S60, S62 10-30%
1,1-dichloro-1-fluoroethane 1717-00-6 404-080-1 R52/53, R59 S59, S61 > 60%

Application for use:

Contact Cleaner (Fast Dry) is widely used in oil and gas industry, military, marine, factory, transportation, research institutes, factories, families, etc ...

Apply 1
1. Cleans Electronic Parts:
Removes dust, dirt and other small particles from PCB boards, motherboards, switchboards of CPUs, phones, ATM machines, credit card swipe machines and other electronic devices.
Apply 2
2. Degreases:
Breaks down grease, grime, ink and other contaminants commonly found in electric motors, printer rollers, inkjet/toner cartridges, metal bearings and other moving metal parts.
Apply 3
3. Removes Dirt & Flux:
Cleans stubborn stains due to flux deposits, oxidation or corrosion from contact points exposed to weather conditions over prolonged periods.
Apply 4
4. Improves Electrical Conductivity:
Improves conductivity between contact points of power/data connectors, battery connectors, switchboards, relays, cable connections and other terminal points.

Tested and meets specifications:

  • Rotts Directives 2002/95/EC


(*) CFC: chlorofluorocarbons, harmful chemicals that eat away at the ozone, they were most commonly found in aerosol cans.