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The Germ Killer

The Germ Killer

The Germ Killer

Mr McKenic® The Germ Killer is a non-toxic disinfectant cum air-refreshener with strong odour control capabilities.

Product features:

  • Prevents Air-Borne and Food-Borne Illness.
  • Prevents Legionnaires' Disease.
  • Non-Gaseous Product.
  • Natural Flower Extracts.
  • Certified to be able to kill 99.99% of legionella (causes lung diseases) and E-Coli (causes food poisoning) within 3 minutes.
  • Prevents Hand Foot Mouth Disease.

Packing: 300ml aerosol, 5 liters can.


Chemical Identity CAS# EINECS# R Phrase S Phrase Weight
Quaternary ammonium 68424-95-3 270-331-5 R22, R34, R50 S26, S28, S37/39 < 1%
Benzethonium chloride 121-54-0 204-479-9 R22, R34, R36/37 S24/25, S26, S28, S37/39, S61 < 1%
Isopropyl alcohol 67-63-0 200-661-7 R11, R36, R67 S7, S16, S24/25, S26 10-30%
Non-hazardous Mixture - - - > 80%

Application for use:

Widely used in homes, offices, hospitals, hotels, schools, air conditoning systems, shopping centres, sewage, KTV lounges, restaurants, vehicles and homes, etc ...

Apply 1
1. For Hard Surfaces (Toilet Bowls, Phones, Chairs etc):
Spray directly over the surface to be treated. Wipe off 3 minutes later to kill germs.
Apply 2
2. For Air Conditioning System:
Spray over the filters, fins, trays, ducts etc until it is wet. Wipe dry on the outside only. Repeat daily or weekly.
Apply 3
3. As a Deordorising Spray and to Improve air quality:
Spray 3 to 4 bursts towards the center of the room once or twice a day. Use it immediately when room has odour.
Apply 4
4. Kill germs and remove odour from carpets and curtains:
Spray around the corners and edges where the bacteria concentrates daily. Spray on it immediately when it is dirtied.
Apply 5
5. Kill germs and remove odour from cushions, pillows and chairs:
Spray on the areas to be treated and leave to dry